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The Leader approach is implemented by 52 Local Action Groups (LAGs) operating in all of Finland´s rural areas. The Leader approach means activities, advisory services and funding to the benefit of specific regions. The aim is to strengthen and develop local communities and small companies and increase the vitality of the area.

The central idea behind the Leader activities is to harness the expertise, knowledge, and activities of local residents for the development of the community. We help to develop the area´s livelyhood based on the ideas and needs of the residents. The core idea of the Leader approach is developing the area together with the locals. This is accomplished by funding local development projects and providing help and support at all stages of project implementation. Local Action Groups activate, motivate, inform, educate and assist those carrying out the projects. All advisory services are free from charge.

The Local Action Groups (LAGs) operate based on their own local development strategy, which is created in collaboration with the area´s residents. The strategy guides the activities of the LAG board, as it makes decisions regarding project funding. The board is elected based on the tripartite model, where 1/3 of the members represent the local public sector, 1/3 represent local businesses or associations, and the remaining 1/3 represent rural residents. Locals can get involved in the LAG´s activities by participating in the events, carrying out projects, contributing to projects, or becoming members of the LAG.

Leader funding can be used for local development projects, as well as for projects supporting the development of local businesses. Depending on the project, the funding can cover 20-100 % of the total costs of the project. Contact the LAG Kasvu for more information about the diffirent types of funding. Leader funding can be applied for by, for example, local associations, small businesses employing fewer than 5 people, municipalities, educational institutions, and foundations. The projects need to align with the LAG´s local development strategy and its goals. It is worthwhile to get in touch with Kasvu office when planning a new project. The LAG staff can help fine-tune the project plan and provide assistance at various stages during the application process.

(Last updated 9.11.2023)

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