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Säpinäsataset in English


What is Säpinäsataset?

Säpinäsataset, provided by Pohjois-Kymen Kasvu ry, aims to support young people in developing their own projects, citizen participation and supporting them with their entrepreneurship ideas.

Säpinäsataset grants are granted by Youth department of Pohjois-Kymen Kasvu. There is altogether 12 000 euros available for youth projects per year, from 100 euros to 900 euros per project.

Who can apply for Säpinäsataset?

Primarily young people from Kouvola or Iitti aged between 13-29 years. (Applicant may also be an association, unit, community or municipality or exceptionally a private person)

Where can Säpinäsataset be used for?

The grant can be used on projects that are youth-driven, or on projects in which the young are participating. Theme of the project is open. The activities must be substance-free, legal and targeted to the areas of Kouvola or Iitti.


And where Säpinäsataset cannot be used for?

Other grants or funding applied or received for the same project must be mentioned on the application.

What is required for the project?

It is an advantage if the project is organized and implemented by youth.

How do you apply for Säpinäsataset?

and how is the decision taken for the Stipend?

Applications are to be done on-line with an electronic application form (link here).

The application must include what is the project about, how, when and where the project will be implemented, who will be involved in the project and who will benefit from it.

How will Säpinäsataset be paid and what is to be taken into consideration?

The applicant will receive an e-mail with the financing decision setting out the detailed conditions for the use and payment of the grant.

The granted amount must be used for the purpose it was issued.

The project implementation schedule must also be respected.

How is the project to be reported?

At the end of the project, a final report with proofs of purchases must be delivered to Pohjois-Kymen Kasvu. The final report is free of form and can be in forms of scanned press release, video clip, photographs or short written report for example. The funding decision may also require, for example, a signed list of participants, or other attachments, depending on the project.

Pohjois-Kymen Kasvu has the right to use final reports for communication purposes.



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